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At Elm Dental Care in St. Charles, we offer both Zoom! in-office whitening and take-home bleaching trays. Both methods are safe, effective, and can lighten your teeth several shades. Zoom! whitening uses a dental laser to speed the whitening process and give you the results you want in just one appointment. Our take-home trays offer the convenience of improving your smile in the comfort of your own home over the course of several weeks.


Prior to whitening your teeth, it is important to consult with the dentist to determine if professional whitening is right for you. If you have periodontal disease, sensitive teeth, or chipped or decayed teeth, other dental procedures may need to be performed before your teeth can be safely whitened. In addition, pregnant women may be advised against whitening their teeth in order to protect their unborn child.

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After you have been cleared to whiten your teeth, you will visit our office. Depending on which method of whitening you choose, this appointment will either consist of taking impressions to create your custom trays or your teeth will be whitened in one to three hours in-office. Once you get the bleaching trays, the dentist will give you specific instructions about how to use them. Remember to follow his instructions exactly to ensure the best results. Once treatment is complete, you and the dentist will review the results and you can walk away with a beautiful new smile!

The whitening process

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