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When plaque is allowed to build up on your the teeth, it can create a place for harmful bacteria to grow. This bacteria causes the gum tissues to become inflamed. This is known as gingivitis. It has been estimated by the ADA that 75-80% of adults are or will be affected by gingivitis, the most common form of periodontal disease. If left untreated, gingivitis can advance to periodontitis and bone loss.

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Gingivitis is characterized by red, swollen gum tissue that bleeds easily when touched by a dental instrument, floss, or tooth brush.


Initial, moderate, and advanced periodontal diseases are progressions of gingivitis and occur when the bone supporting the teeth has been destroyed. In the advanced stages of periodontal disease, there is hope for treatment. Contact our St. Charles office learn about your options for maintaining or regaining  your healthy smile.

Types of gum disease

To avoid gum disease, consistently attend your regular check-ups with the dentist. Our dentist can help detect periodontal disease and provide necessary treatment to get you back to health and off the path that leads to tooth loss and disfigurement.

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Gum Disease and Joint Replacement

Prior to joint replacement, it is highly recommended that your teeth and mouth are examined for any sign of infection. Because the progression of gum disease can show no symptoms, many people are unaware that they have it. However, because gum diseases destroy the bone, they can potentially cause infection in joint replacement patients. We recommend visiting our dentist prior to your surgery to restore your oral health. Depending on the severity of the disease, the treatment can take two weeks to two months before you are healthy enough for surgery.


Pregnancy and Gum Disease

Expectant mothers are often prone to gum disease and dental pain due to several things:

  • Hormone changes make them more susceptible to gum disease

  • Often eating smaller, more frequent meals. This exposes teeth to harmful acids and sugars more often

  • Cravings for junk food create an increased threat to the gums and teeth