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Not many people know that some dental fillings can cause teeth to blacken and corrode over time. Don't worry, pay us a visit and we'll replace your dental fillings with composite or tooth-colored fillings! A composite filling will give you a tight fit, given its porcelain-like material.

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  • Stronger and durable

  • The best choice for those who are allergic to metal

  • Color matched to your teeth

  • Tight fit

Why choose composite fillings?

Apart from giving you more aesthetic fillings, composite fillings are more durable and stronger than amalgam fillings. Get in touch with us for more information on tooth-colored fillings and restorative dentistry.

Reliable filling material

Our dentist will match the color of your filling to suit your teeth so that it can look its best. Tooth-colored fillings are also stronger and more reliable when compared to other dental fillings.

Aesthetic fillings for a pleasant look

Reliable and Safe Composite Fillings

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