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Keeping your family’s teeth and smile healthy and bright is important at every age. Elm Dental Care can help your family avoid certain problems and give you tips on how to improve your dental health, which can also improve your overall health.

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The following subject are areas that we see the most concern with or can affect your dental and oral health the most. Please read through the sections and call Elm Dental Care with any concerns or questions!



Plaque is a soft, sticky layer of bacteria that forms on the teeth. It is often invisible to the naked eye, but if allowed to build, it will resemble a thick, white coating at the gum line. When plaque is allowed to build on the teeth, it can lead to periodontal disease and tooth loss.


Preventive Treatment vs. Crisis Treatment

Many people only visit the dentist when they have a problem, a habit that we call “crisis treatment.” While you may think crisis treatment is saving you money, it can actually cost you more in both time and money. Dental problems often don’t have any symptoms or cause pain until they are in the advanced stages, when treatment costs the most.


Diet and Oral Health

A lack of certain nutrients in the body could make you more at risk for certain oral infections, including periodontal disease and decay. Having a healthy immune system is necessary if you want to control periodontal disease. Avoiding large amounts of sugar, especially in a baby bottle while sleeping or in sticky forms, can help improve your oral and overall health. Fluoride supplements can help decrease your risk for tooth decay.


These measures, along with your normal home hygiene routine of brushing and flossing, can help prevent dental disease and decay.



To further help prevent decay, sealants can be applied to the back teeth. These plastic-like coatings can greatly reduce risk for decay in the back teeth. The ADA recommends having sealants placed on the back teeth as soon as they erupt, which usually occurs between the ages of 6 and 13. The procedure is quick, simple, and pain-free. Call Elm Dental Care today for more information!

Most Common Family Dentistry Issues

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