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For people who have minor dental issues, bonding is the perfect option to restore beauty to teeth. Our dentist will place a thin coat made of plastic on the front surface of the teeth to conceal

minor imperfections.

For advanced dental care in St. Charles, choose Elm Dental Care.

  • Lightens teeth

  • Closes gaps between teeth

  • Corrects misshapen teeth

  • Corrects crooked teeth

Benefits of bonding

  • Thin plastic coat is placed on front surface

  • Putty-like material is placed on teeth

  • Sculpting, shaping, and coloring is done

  • High-intensity light is placed over tooth

  • Final buff and polish

Stages of bonding

Since bonding has to do with the surface, our dentist will place a putty-like material on the teeth, and then sculpt, shape, and color the teeth so that they have a naturally beautiful look.

Reliable dental bonding

Dental Bonding for That Perfect Smile

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